The Novato Police Department Lobby is open. All other City facilities are currently closed for walk-in service following the Shelter in Place Order for the County of Marin. Please call for details about the services you are interested in. 

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With our program cancellations and facility closures, along with the issued shelter at home order for Marin County, we want to make sure you still have access to plenty of #NovatoFun! Novato Parks & Recreation is excited to offer a social media campaign including video tutorials, arts & crafts, games and activities for all ages to stay inspired and creative during this time. We may be isolated, but we're not alone! Connect with us and share ways to stay active and engaged over the coming weeks!

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Archived #NovatoFUNatHome Instagram posts:

    Bleach Dye novatofunathome 
Cup Cakes novatofunathome   Summer Salad novatofunathome Sunscreen Day novatofunathome 
 Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome Broccoli Fritters novatofunathome  Mountain Climber novatofunathome 
 Crossword 5-26 novatofunathome  Paper Airplane Day novatofunathome Storytime 5-30 novatofunathome 
 Lemon Garlic Dressing novatofunathome Memorial Day Toast novatofunathome   Water Games novatofunathome
 Weekend Gardening novatofunathome  Graduation Caps novatofunathome  Breakfast Burrito novatofunathome
 Burpee Challenge novatofunathome  Magic Show 5-25 novatofunathome Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome 
 Storytime 5-23 novatofunathome Crossword novatofunathome  Cotton Ball Sheep novatofunathome 
 Puff Paint novatofunathome  Painting With Salt novatofunathome Popcorn Pup Challenge novatofunathome 
 Friends Supporting Friends novatofunathome Fruit Juice Gelatin Blocks novatofunathome   Crescent Roll Wreath novatofunathome
 Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome Croutons Day novatofunathome  Push-up Challenge novatofunathome 
 Magic Show 5-18 novatofunathome  Paper Plate Duck novatofunathome  Virtual Chess May 19 novatofunathome
 Storytime 5-16 novatofunathome  Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome Happy Mothers Day novatofunathome 
 Heart Stamp novatofunathome  Hand Print Bouquet novatofunathome  Mothers Day Pink Lemonade novaotunathome
 Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome Mother Day Lip Scrub novatofunathome  Strawberry Shortcake novatofunathome 
 Spring Market Vendor Showcase novatofunathome Flower Guide Mothers Day novatofunathome  Autobiography 6 Words novatofunathome 
 Shirnky Dinks novatofunathome Nurses Day novatofunathome  Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome 
 Magic Show 5-11 novatofunathome  Squat Challenge novatofunathome  
  Virtual Chess - May novatofunathome   Storytime 5-9 novatofunathome
 May 4 With You novatofunathome Gardening and Support Local novatofunathome  Mothers Day Shout Out novatofunathome 
 Comic Book Day novatofunathome  May Flower Hunt novatofunathome
Flower Templates: 1 ||2 || 3 || 4
Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome 
 Apple Treat novatofunathome  Heart Pop-Up Card novatofunathome Virtual Chess - May novatofunathome 
Virtual Chess Lesson WEEK 3
 Virtual Birthdays novatofunathome Sun Catchers novatofunathome  Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome 
 Finger Paint novatofunathome Fill-in Story novatofunathome   
 Takeout Emojis novatofunathome  Cloud Dough novatofunathome Virtual Chess 4-28 novatofunathome 
Virtual Chess Lesson WEEK 2
 Overnight Oats novatofunathome Mancala Board novatofunathome   
 Storytime 5-2 novatofunathome Paper Plate Chicken novatofunathome  Bird Feeders novatofunathome 
 Gardening novatofunathome  Rain Sticks novatofunathome Story Time 4-25 novatofunathome 
Nature Hunt novatofunathome   Earth Day 5 novatofunathome Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome 
 Nature Searchers novatofunathome  Earth Day Coloring novatofunathome  NFL Draft Day novatofunathome
Pennant Template
 Earth Day 4 novatofunathome Talk Like Shakespeare novatofunathome  Tomato Plants novatofunathome 
 Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome  Earth Day 3 novatofunathome Admin Prof Day novatofunathome 
Earth Day Cookies novatofunathome   Magic Show 4-27 novatofunathome Fabric Covered Pots novatofunathome 
 Earth Day 2 novatofunathome  Egg Carton Penguins novatofunathome Earth Week 1 novatofunathome 
 Plants from Seeds novatofunathome   Virtual Chess Club novatofunathome 
Virtual Chess Lesson WEEK 1
 Snail Mail novatofunathome Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome  Date Night To-Go novatofunathome 
 Color A Quilt novatofunathome
Print Your Quilt Square
Vegan Banana Cupcakes novatofunathome  High Five Day novatofunathome 
 Peanut Butter Cookies novatofunathome Color Matching novatofunathome  Gymnastics 1 novatofunathome 
 Magic Show 4-20 novatofunathome  Tea Party novatofunathome Play Dough novatofunathome 
Storytime 4-18 novatofunathome   NovatoProud novatofunathome Bunny Brunch Pancakes novatofunathome 
 Siblings Day novatofunathome  Ladybugs novatofunathome Snow novatofunathome 
 Chess Club novatofunathome  Ice Cream novatofunathome Gluten Free Cookies novatofunathome 
 Family Hands novatofunathome  Friendship Bracelets novatofunathome Chopstick Rest novatofunathome 
 Virtual Birthdays novatofunathome  Walk The Block novatofunathome Storytime 4-11 novatofunathome 
 Quinoa Rice Bowls novatofunathome  Obstacle Course novatofunathome Spell Name Workout novatofunathome 
 Pancakes novatofunathome  Rainbow Dinner novatofunathome  Egg Hunt novatofunathome
Egg Templates
Sidewalk Chalk novatofunathome  Burrito Day novatofunathome   Braid novatofunathome
 Gymnastics Word Search novatofunathome  Active Bingo novatofunathome April Fools novatofunathome 
 Draw A Bear novatofunathome   PD Art novatofunathome 
 Soccer novatofunathome  Storytime 4-4 novatofunathome  Art Like novatofunathome
Granola novatofunathome   Indoor Picnic novatofunathome  Calligraphy novatofunathome
Indoor Camping novatofunathome   

Origami Fish novatofunathome


Building Engineering novatofunathome

 Monday Magic 3-30 novatofunathome  

Draw Horse novatofunathome


Ruti Gorel Novatofunathome

Storytime novatofunathome   

Bear Hunt novatofunathome


Paper Plate Turtles novatofunathome

 Color Shape Hop Novatofunathome  

Resources Seniors novatofunathome


Reading novatofunathome

Basketball Workout Novatofunathome   Jazzercise novatofunathome

Chalk It Up Novatofunathome

 Virtual Magic 3-23 novatofunathome  

Draw novatofunathome


Pizza novatofunathome

 Movie novatofunathome  

Art Kits novatofunathome


Movement Motion Novatofunathome

 Zen 2 Novatofunathome
Video:  Part #2

Color Sorting Novatofunathome


Pets Novatofunathome

 Moment of Zen Novatofunathome
Video: Part #1 

Scavenger Hunt Novatofunathome


Balance Golf NovatoFunAtHome


St Patricks Day Limericks NovatoFunAthome


Spanish Lesson NovatoFunAtHome


St Patricks Day Art Project NovatoFunAtHome



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