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Bel Marin Keys Master Plan Zoning Study

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Consideration of possible revisions to the Bel Marin Keys Industrial Parks Master Plan to accommodate biotech and life science campus development.  Zoning revisions could include allowing for increased building height, higher floor area ratio (the amount of building floor area allowed as a ratio to the square footage of the parcel) and modified parking standards for sites designated by the City Council as biotech or life science campuses.

Properties within the Ignacio and Hamilton Industrial Parks (subareas of the larger Bel Main Keys Industrial Parks).

Application Types
Revision to the Bel Marin Keys Industrial Parks Master Plan/Precise Development Plan, which would be considered as part of the adoption of the new Novato General Plan 2035. 

Application of these allowances and designation of adjacent or proximate parcels as a “biotech or life science campus” would occur subsequently, through a separate Precise Development Plan requiring public notice, environmental review and hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council.

Environmental Review
Environmental review of this proposal, including traffic and visual impacts, would occur as part of the environmental impact report (EIR) being prepared for General Plan 2035.

General Plan & Zoning Designation
General Plan Land Use Designation: Light Industrial/Office
Zoning Designation:  Planned Development (regulated by a Master Plan)


Potential modifications to the Bel Marin Keys Master Plan will be analyzed in the EIR for General Plan 2035 and considered by the Planning Commission and City Council at the time of adoption of the General Plan, anticipated in summer 2017.

Contact Info

Project Planner
Bob Brown, Community Development Director