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The City of Novato Code Enforcement Division Operates under the Community Development Department, in enforcement of City codes and ordinances, as well as state building, health and safety codes.

Our Mission

To maintain and enhance the quality of life by working with residents and business owners. To protect the health, safety and welfare of Novato residents. To achieve compliance through education of current municipal and state codes, in how they relate to residential and commercial properties.

To ensure the City of Novato maintains a livable community and preserves a standard of living, deserving of its residents and business owners.

Code Enforcement consists of three investigation sections:     

Code Enforcement

Investigates and enforces violations of the City of Novato

Periodic Housing Inspection Program and Caretaker Requirements

Code Enforcement staff proactively inspects hotels/motels, and multi-family communities consisting of three or more units under Municipal Code 4-14.

We do this to ensure proper maintenance of rental housing, identify and require correction of substandard housing conditions, and assist property owners to prevent conditions of deterioration and blight that could adversely affect economic conditions and the quality of life.

Residential Resale Reports

Code Enforcement staff inspects all residential properties, prior to transfer of ownership under Municipal Code 4-8.

In order to protect the welfare and legal interest of the seller and buyer during the sale or transfer of real property, information is gathered to assist in, but not guarantee, the disclosure of the permit history of the property from city records, which assists the city in abating public nuisances and enforcing established building and zoning ordinances.

See Housing, Zoning and Building Codes Appeals Board Vacancy information here.


Reporting a Code Violation

There are many conditions on a property that may be in violation of the City of Novato Municipal Code or California Building Code, some conditions are more common than others. 
Please Note: Code Enforcement only investigates violations on private property.

Violations can be reported by completing the Code Enforcement Complaint Form. In order for a complaint to be investigated, the following information is required

  • location of potential violation
  • property owner name and phone number (if known)
  • description of potential violation
  • Your name, phone number, address and email address (this information is confidential)

Please submit your completed form either as an attachment via email, by dropping it off at City Administrative Offices, OR mailing it to:

City of Novato
Attn: Code Enforcement
922 Machin Ave
Novato, CA 94945

Complaints are investigated in the order they are submitted. Any possible violations which are or may be safety issues do take priority over all other complaints. A Code Enforcement Officer may contact you if further information is required. Note: Anonymous and/or incomplete complaints are not investigated.   

Denunciar una infracción de código

Las infracciones se pueden reportar completando el Formulario de Quejas de Cumplimiento de Códigos. Para que una queja sea investigada, se requiere la siguiente información:

  • ubicación de la posible violación
  • nombre del propietario y número de teléfono del propietario (si se conoce)
  • descripción de la posible violación
  • Su nombre, número de teléfono, dirección y dirección de correo electrónico (esta información es confidencial)
  • Por favor, imprima en inglés si es posible

Por favor envíe su formulario completo ya sea como un archivo adjunto por correo electrónico, dejándolo en las oficinas administrativas de la ciudad, o enviándolo por correo a:

City of Novato
Attn: Code Enforcement
922 Machin Ave
Novato, CA 94945

Las quejas se investigan en el orden en que se presentan. Cualquier posible violación que sea o pueda ser problemas de seguridad tienen prioridad sobre todas las demás quejas. Un oficial de cumplimiento de código puede ponerse en contacto con usted si se requiere más información. Nota: Las quejas anónimas y/o incompletas no se investigan.