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Residential Solar

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Residential Solar Submittals

Please be aware: All information on this page consists of general directions; specific projects may have additional requirements. 

Complete Permit Worksheet

Plan size and scale:     Paper size:      minimum 8 ½ “ X 11” maximum 30” x 42” 
                                        Scale:               Floor & elevation plans - minimum ¼” = 1’ 
                                                                 Site plan - minimum 1’ – 20’

    # of Sets          Four

For permits applied for by property owner, please complete Property Owner's Package.

For permits applied for by a licensed contractor, you must have a City of Novato Business License.

ALL permits must complete Waste Management Plan

Smoke detectors & carbon monoxide alarms required on all permits with valuation exceeding $1000. (Sections 314 & 315 CRC) - Questions? Learn more here. For exemptions (outside work only), read and complete this form.

New permits must adhere to current California Building Code

Expedited Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Permitting for  One- and Two-Family Dwellings

Eligibility/Submittal Checklist

Structural Criteria for ResidentialRooftop Solar Energy Installations

Solar PV Standard Plan –Simplified Microinverter and ACM Systems for One‐ and Two‐Family Dwellings

Solar PV Standard Plan –Simplified Central/String Systems for One‐ and Two‐Family Dwellings

Structural Technical Appendix for Residential Rooftop Solar Installations

For questions or to submit electronically contact